The child expelled, what to do

The child was expelled from the College. What to do?

Expulsion from the educational institution in which the child really wanted to do, is a tragedy. Parents need to pull myself together, to try to understand his inner state, feelings, not tell every second of what he is a lazy and irresponsible slacker. Child and so very bad. To scold, to humiliate the most simple but non-constructive, unworthy of a write my essay in 24 hours parent exit. It does not help loved.

What to do if the child was expelled? How to help him? You first need to understand why it happened. After all, College kids do not just go away, they understand that they must get education, profession.

Seriously, talk quietly with the beloved child. Whether he intended to continue his studies in this College? If the child received low grades, it is possible that it is very difficult to learn, he does not understand the material. Together set a goal to recover in College in the next academic year with renewed energy and knowledge to continue their studies. But for this the child will have to educate ourselves, apply for relevant courses, maybe to use the services of Tutors to increase their knowledge. Then there will be the opportunity to retake debt and to continue learning.

Maybe he was disappointed in their chosen profession and would like to have another? Then you need to begin to actively prepare for admission or transfer to the appropriate school.

Most worryingly, if the child has stopped learning because of laziness, influence of asocial friends, hanging out online or watching TV. The desire to learn, to be educated, good, interesting work from these guys is lost. In this case, the child can communicate with outdoor companies and the resulting consequences are known to all. Therefore, no “rest, then take up the study, work”! Expelled yesterday, today went to College, found out the reasons, and the possibility of recovery. And tomorrow – more than textbooks, get courses like computer, foreign language or of training in school subjects, and also to work to pay for courses, Tutors. To begin a career in such circumstances, have from the very beginning – after all, without education and professional skills and experience will only take on unskilled positions. And in the next academic year, to recover or to enroll in another school and with new forces embodied in diligent self-education, knowledge, more conscious and motivated to start studying. Perhaps the child would prefer the option of combining work and study. But parents need to take into account one critical moment: if the child is satisfied with the work, wages, and he may even give up trying to get an education, to want something more. A person gets used to everything. Read from this perspective, for example, Kobo Abe “the Woman in sand”. Child can get used to be content with little, to cease to aspire to something better.

If there is absolutely no desire to go to College, offer to get a profession in school. Unlike College, where the training system resembles a University, the school focuses on the mastery of practical skills necessary for future work in the chosen specialty, and if received after the 9th grade and secondary education the program of secondary school.

Young people of appropriate age, find themselves dismissed, first serving in the army, and only then think about further education.

The outputs from such a complex situation, as the deduction is. You just need to understand why it happened and the actual wishes of the child. Set a goal and try to achieve it. Whatever you experienced, how would you not bad, don’t leave the baby alone with the problem. Help him wise advice, offered in an unobtrusive way, in a particular case. But the child must clearly understand that the resulting free time (say, until the beginning of next school year) is not a happy vacation stay at your leisure, and hard work, catch-up knowledge and skills, the lack of which likely led to the expulsion.