Welcome to Kenya

Kenya is still the primary focus of all adventure travel in Africa. It is one of the finest–and undoubtedly the most famous–safari destination in the world. Safari, however, is by no means the only reason to visit Kenya, for the attractions of its rich culture and diverse environments are considerable.


  • Wild national parks
  • Untouched natural beauty
  • Various outdoor activities
  • Fiesta of Western, Eastern and African cuisine
  • World premium hospitalities

Quick Facts


The official language of Kenya and Tanzania is Swahili, which originally developed in coastal regions where local Bantu, Arab and English speakers created this “trade language” rooted in all their tongues. Many people whose work brings them into contact with overseas visitors speak fluent English, though locals appreciate an effort to speak even a few words in (easy-to-pronounce) Swahili.Please consult with your guide on translations, if needed.


East Africa has a tropical climate. It is hot and humid in coastal and in low lying areas, temperate inland and very dry in the north and northeast areas. The region receives a great deal of sunshine and daytime temperatures are generally warm year round. However, it is very cool at night and early in the morning. The coolest months are generally from mid-May through early-September. East Africa has two rainy seasons – long and short. The long rainy season occurs from approximately March/April to May/June. The short rainy season occurs from October to December.

Plan Your Visit

Although Kenya’s varied environments experience a wide variety of climate conditions, the temperature remains comfortably warm year-round. Much of Kenya experiences heavy rainfall from March through May and, to a lesser extent, from October through December. The best time for most outdoor acitivities (including safari and mountain climbing) is during the dry season (June-September).


At international airports in East Africa, passengers cannot be met inside secured areas. This includes Immigration, Customs halls and Baggage Claim. Your Africalink representative will greet you as you exit these restricted areas; look for the person holding the distinctive Africalink signboard. On departure you will be escorted to the doors of the main terminal building. This is due to airport security regulations for arrivals and departures and is beyondAfricalink’s control.Before departing, remember to tag your checked luggage with the yellow Africalink tags we provided. These brightly colored markers help identify you and your luggage quickly.


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