Smart tips for students

It is clear that the proposal to gradually learn the material will be rejected by the majority of the “martyrs of science” once and for all. However, there is another approach. All the difficulties during the session are due to improper organization of its work in the period preceding it. Having established the sequence of actions from the first lectures up to the exam, you can save a lot of time, it is well to prepare for the session. So, the whole process of science rests on “three pillars”: attending classes, maintaining notes and exam preparation.


One of the main mistakes students allowed immediately after the start of learning a new subject. We are talking about truancy. Don’t come for a couple without a good reason for many has become the norm. Although to attend classes and to grasp the essence of what is happening in most cases will help You quickly and to cope with the mandatory homework, labs. Besides easy to fall into the “black list” of the teacher. Presence on a couple You solve two problems at once: automatically find yourself in a number of responsible students, as well as receive important exam knowledge.

Not the case with students who combine study and work. In such a situation it is impossible to attend all the classes. It would be logical in advance to explain the reason for absence to the teacher. Among them will be those who will go to meet You. Some gnarly pass to visit as often as possible. Particularly industrious students may request an assignment for their absenteeism. Option is suitable not for everyone, because its implementation will take time. In any case you will need to constantly look for a compromise with the employer and teacher.

Lecture notes

You must be warned beforehand about the lectures. In it all the necessary material is presented concisely and in sufficient volume. Besides, every teacher wants the student answered the questions on the syllabus and recommended literature. Even if You missed a couple, faithfully copy notes from their classmates. Although, many teachers have a thing about the presence of handwritten notes. In this case, rewrite the missed lecture at the first opportunity. Not be amiss to ask published the works of his teacher. Among them, perhaps, is the most abstract of lectures waiting for You in the University library.

It is also important to find out what the questions included in the exam. Some teachers ‘ questions do not change over the years, others have undergone significant changes. Your task is to find the list of issues as early as possible. Now You can write notes in the notes opposite answers to exam questions. Should ask the teacher where to find information on the questions submitted for independent study. It will take not much time. Also You can easily navigate through your outline during the exam preparation. Perhaps this preparatory work is done. To session You come prepared.

Exam preparation

It’s the time of exams. You have all the necessary material, moreover, it is sorted by the exam questions. Now You can, without wasting time, try something to learn. This is the most difficult step, but it can be significantly simplified if you follow these recommendations. Start your preparation several days before the exam. This way You significantly reduce pre-exam stress, and certainly will avoid sleepless nights. Learning is better approaches. One approach may consist of a careful reading of 5-10 questions. It all depends on their complexity and volume. Be sure to do a pause of 10-15 minutes between clusters. After 2 hours take a longer break for 30 minutes.

You need to try to concentrate, not be distracted by extraneous thoughts. Is not necessary to mechanically read the text without delving into its essence. So You may not remember, regardless of the number of reads. Spend more time with complex issues, however, do not neglect the simple for You questions. It is their like to ask teachers, especially in the oral examinations.

Special attention should be given during the session to their nutrition. Include in the diet foods to improve memory: fish, honey, walnuts. From drinks prefer tea. Refrain from drinking various energy drinks, they are harmful to Your health.

This algorithm requires a minimum loss of time. Of course, no one can guarantee perfect knowledge, although a positive assessment provided to You. Most importantly, don’t forget about the inevitability of the session from the beginning of the learning cycle. Good luck.

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